Fortified Home Solutions
Experience and Quality

Fortified Home Solutions offers a wide range of home security fortification products and services. Our sister company Davison Construction has been Midlands source for commercial and residential construction since 2008. Whether it’s that underground bunker, safe room or making your home burglar proof we’re there! we believe in special products and services that add much needed protection to your assets and your family. Become UN-Reachable under any circumstance with our following services.

Fallout Shelters

Hidden Passageways

Bullet Proof Walls

Swivel Bookcases

Safe / Panic Rooms

Tornado Shelters

Defend Yourself

   432-599-3776   Fortified Home Solutions, we strive to meet our client’s expectations by delivering high quality security solution to your home or property. Our products our designed to protect your family, their future and your assets. We are based out of Midland Texas but servicing the state of Texas, offering a wide range of construction to strengthen your home or business.  Call Fortified to Get the job done right and get the job done from experience.

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